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Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully


On our global site www.bricksfromsweden.com the language will be written in English. All the important texts regarding terms & conditions and so on will be in English. But all the products is almost always written in Swedish - the productname and the descrition of the product. But LEGO products always have the same articlenumber, itemnumber and id-number all over the world - so it is the same product where ever you go. We hope that you think this is okey. But if you have any question regarding a product or other please email us and ask. Email to info@bricksfromsweden.com in English.

And we recommend you to browse our website by a computer rather than in your cellphone. Because there is more information in the web version.



In our LEGO-store you can only find new sets and parts. We ONLY sell unused and unopened products.



All our prices are always in EURO. And inside the EU you will pay the total price of the product including taxes (Swedish VAT). Outside of the EU you will only pay the price for the product excluding the VAT. When you choose your shippingcountry in the Checkout the VAT will be taken of your order. This is for countries like Norway, Iceland, Russia, USA, Åland and so on.

Please note that prices for these countries outside the EU are shown on the website including taxes but once you go to “Check out”, your balance will be deducted by 20% (Swedish VAT). The recipient of the shipment is the importer of record in the destination country and is responsible for all Import Fees. The customer is always responible if the order may be subject to import duties and taxes.


Payments via Creditcard/Bankcard:

Pay via VISA, Mastercard or American Express. No extra fees.

Our 3D Secure System means that you can always feel secure when shopping at Bricks from Sweden. Our payment services are certified in accordance with the Payment Card Industry’s new, more stringent safety requirements - PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) - ensuring the highest levels of security for your payments.


Payments via PayPal:

You can pay via your PayPal account. An extra fee of 5 Euro for the transaction is added.


Payments via Banktransfer/IBAN:

When paying via banktransfer/IBAN (inside Europe) only in Euro’s. You must pay the transactioncost from your bank.

COMPANY: Klossimperiet AB
ADRESS: Hjälmasberg 313, 70595 Örebro
IBAN: SE 38 6000 0000 0004 5939 1178
BANK: Handelsbanken Karlskoga SWEDEN
We will send you your order as soon as we receive the money at our bankaccount.


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding our store and the assortment. Email us at info@bricksfromsweden.com

Shipping Costs:

Please read the shipping terms carefully, thanks. Shipment prices are the official Swedish post prices - but even lower (PostNord.se).

We have fixed prices for shipping regardless of the weight. And shipping costs include packaging materials. We pack the goods very well.

When we send outside of European Union we write correct custom declaration (neither change in value and no declaration as a gift) - We are a legal business company.

No handling fees will be added.

We send the orders via First Class shipping - DPD - that inlcudes track&trace and insurance. DPD is a door to door service that guarantees the best shippingexperience you can get! You can often chose to ship small bricks and parts via letters which is cheaper but have in mind that we will NOT be responsible for letters that are lost after shipping because they dont have track & trace and have no insurance. And you can only use the Letter service on orders below €50.

We now also work with DHL Express which also is a door to door service. And really fast! DHL also have a normal service with 2-5 days delivery. Choose what is best for you.

Keep in mind that it is always possible that customs taxes will need to be paid in countries outside the European Union. Please check with the customs in your country for information. Taxes always pays by the buyer.

1st Class DPDLetterDHL ExpressDHL Normal
3-5 days3-5 days1-2 days2-5 days
Austria€ 25€ 10----------
Belgium€ 15€ 10€ 25€ 15
Bulgaria€ 30€ 10----------
Croatia€ 25€ 10----------
Czech Republic€ 25€ 10----------
Denmark€ 15€ 10€ 25€ 15
Estonia€ 20€ 10----------
Finland€ 15€ 10€ 25€ 15
France€ 25€ 10----------
Germany€ 15€ 10€ 25€ 15
Great Britain€ 15€ 10€ 25€ 15
Greece€ 30€ 10----------
Hungary€ 25€ 10----------
Iceland€ 24€ 8----------(No VAT)
Ireland€ 30€ 10----------
Italy€ 25€ 10----------
Latvia€ 20€ 10----------
Liechtenstein€ 25€ 10----------
Lithuania€ 20€ 10----------
Luxembourg€ 20€ 10----------
Monaco€ 25€ 10----------
Montenegro€ 30€ 10----------
Netherland€ 15€ 10€ 25€ 15
Norway-----€ 12€ 24€ 16(No VAT)
Poland€ 20€ 10----------
Portugal€ 30€ 10----------
Romania€ 30€ 10----------
Russia-----€ 12€ 32-----(No VAT)
Serbia€ 30€ 10----------
Slovakia€ 25€ 10----------
Slovenia€ 25€ 10----------
Spain€ 30€ 10----------
Switzerland-----€ 12€ 24€ 16(No VAT)
USA-----€ 12€ 32-----(No VAT)
Åland€ 12€ 8----------(No VAT)
Rest of the world€ 40€ 12€ 48-----(No VAT)



We pack and send your order within 24 hours and according to the official Swedish post (PostNord.se) the delivery time is approx. 3-5 working days within the European Union. When we ship with DPD you always get a trackingnumber so that you can follow the shipment.

If You choose DHL Express the deliverytime is 1-2 days World Wide.


Returning your order:

You can of coure always return your order to us. It is you as the customer that will pay for the returning shipment to us. And when we get the package from you we check so the products looks good in quality as they were when we sent them to you. Then we reurn your money back. Email us if you wish to return your order.

If you don´t collect your shipment:

If you don´t collect your shipment in your country and the package comes back to us. We will charge you the same amount as the shipmet were to you from us.


If there is something with your shipment that you arent happy about. Please email us and we will try to help you out.



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Latest added
75243 Slave l – 20th Anniversary Edition
€ 139.90
Huvud gul tjej läppstift och fräknar sjunger (3626cpb2313) Bright Yellow
€ 2.30
Ben vita med rosa skor och orangea linjer (970c01pb50) White
€ 2.20
Ben svarta med röd tygbit (970c00pb927) Black
€ 2.10
Hår rosa långt med silverstjärna (85974pb07) Bright Purple
€ 3.70
Huvud flesh tjej med läppstift (3626cpb2319) Light Nougat
€ 2.50
Huvud nougat lejon med fransar (3626cpb2320) Medium Nougat
€ 2.00
6080389 Whip Long, Stick Ø3.2 (88704) Reddish Brown
€ 1.90 € 0.45
Torso nougat lejon med päls (973pb3444c01) Medium Nougat
€ 3.20
Ben lavendel med lila skor (970c00pb922) Lavender
€ 2.20
Ben blå med rosa skor och silver detaljer (970c07pb12) Bright Blue
€ 2.50
Huvud gul tjej glad fräknar (3626cpb2311) Bright Yellow
€ 1.80
Huvud gul glad och ledsen (3626cpb2307) Bright Yellow
€ 2.40
Ben silver robot (970c00pb932) Silver Metallic
€ 2.20
Huvud gul glad med rynkor två sidor (3626cpb2315) Bright Yellow
€ 2.10
Huvud beige glad röd näsa gammal (3626cpb2321) Brick Yellow
€ 1.90
1x3 brick ljusrosa unikitty huvud (3622pb107) Light Purple
€ 2.50
6198172 Axe Head W Hole Ø 3.2 (53454) + 4633032 Shaft 3M Ø3.2 (87994) Silver Metallic + Reddish Brown
€ 2.30 € 0.45
Torso silver robot med knappar (970c00pb932) Silver Metallic
€ 3.50
Huvud gul glad lila läppstift två sidor(3626cpb2309) Bright Yellow
€ 2.00
Ben gula med bruna skor och orangea prickar (970c00pb921) Cool Yellow
€ 2.30
Hatt brun med skägg svart och glasögon (35179pb01) Dark Brown
€ 3.20
Hatt svart med rep runt om (35845pb01) Black
€ 2.80
Torso blå med silver bubblor och rosa streck (973pb3436c01) Bright Blue
€ 3.40
Torso vit hängslebyxor blå rutiga (973pb3434c01) White
€ 3.80
9341 Mini Body Lowerpart Blue (73200) Bright Blue
€ 1.90
skiva svart (14769pb244) Black
€ 3.20 € 0.45
Ben bruna med silver detaljer (970c120pb10) Dark Brown
€ 2.20
Ben gula med rosa byxa (970c03pb36) Bright Yellow
€ 2.20
6072655 Mini Helmet No 43 (16599) Bright Blue
€ 2.50
Ben nougat med päls (970c00pb930) Medium Nougat
€ 2.50
2x2 tile vit med lila ålning av minifigur (3068bpb1208) White
€ 3.20 € 0.45
4550170 Prismatic Binoculars (30162) Medium Stone Grey
€ 0.59 € 0.45
Ben bruna med svarta skor och bälte (970c00pb898) Reddish Brown
€ 3.00
Ben vita med ljusblå skor och röd-guldiga detaljer (970c00pb929) White
€ 2.90
Huvud gul arg med rynkor två sidor (3626cpb2316) Bright Yellow
€ 2.50
Dräkt krita lila och lavendel (48544c01pb01) Lavender
€ 4.50
Torso mörkgrön med rep (973pb3445c01) Earth Green
€ 2.70
Torso lime alien med bruna band och dödskalle (973pb3442c01) Bright Yellowish Green
€ 3.70
2x2 tile med text "Certificate of achievement" (3068bpb1209) White
€ 3.50
Ben bruna och gröna med silver detaljer (970c00pb924) Reddish Brown
€ 2.20
Torso lavendel med lila händer (973c84) Lavender
€ 2.90
Huvud lime alien stora ögon (3626cpb0774) Bright Yellowish Green
€ 1.90
Torso brun med dödskalle uppknäppt (973pb3440c01) Dark Brown
€ 3.70
Ben bruna med silver detaljer (970c120pb09) Dark Brown
€ 2.10
Huvud gul glad med läpstift och fräknar två sidor (3626cpb2263) Bright Yellow
€ 2.10
Huvud gul glad läpstift kattfransar två sidor (3626cpb2318) Bright Yellow
€ 2.00
Torso rosa med silver och orangea ränder (973pb3443c01) Bright Purple
€ 3.40
Ben beigea rutiga med skärp och gröna skor (970c00pb926) Brick Yellow
€ 2.60
Ben bruna med lagade hål och snöre (970c00pb931) Dark Brown
€ 2.20